Are You Ready To Take The Plunge And Start Working Towards Your Dreams?

You are just one click away from changing your life with the secrets you'll learn in this 14 day challenge to generate ecom sales with an AMAZING 80k per month Case Study.

Say Good-Bye to an unsustainable Drop-Shipping business and say Hello to the new eCommerce Revolution!​

I will be revealing the formula to success that took me from a struggling retail worker to an eCommerce business owner. 

​This simple system has literally changed my life!  When I set off on this journey, I was in a whole mess of financial trouble.  I was at my financial rock bottom!


Are you there now?  Are you struggling to make ends meet?  Are you working 50, 60, 70, 80 or more hours a week only to see every paycheck just vanish?  Are you sick of your dreams always being out of reach?


Over the course of 14 short days, I will be revealing every step of the process; from creating a website all the way to how I scaled a single product to over $80,000 in monthly sales and over $200,000 in total sales, with no previous experience at all!

Let's face it, the drop-shipping business model is amazing.

You may be wondering, if this is so easy why isn't everyone doing it?


It should come as no surprise that there are literally hundreds of people on YouTube claiming they are “Dropshipping Gurus” and offering their courses for a low one-time payment!  Here is the problem with these so-called gurus, they aren't really gurus.  They are just teachers who are selling you the same course they just took, some of them don't even have their own websites!


Armed with secondhand information, people are being told they can be wildly successful just repeating the same process that worked online years ago.  They set up shop following all the directions exactly as they are told, but the sales never come.  Before long, they look at their bank account and see that the money is gone with nothing to show for it.  Demoralized, they close up shop just as quickly as they opened.


Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, this is where most people start and end their e-commerce journey.  To put it simply:

There are too many people giving out bad information!

My goal in this challenge is to take anyone, with any amount of experience, and bring them to the next level in their development.  I will give you the tools necessary to not just make a sale, but to make a living.  I want to clear up the confusion in e-commerce and develop skills that match your motivation.


In this course, nothing is held back.  You will get the exact product and ad copy that was used to generate sales.  You will see results inside Facebook Ad Manager.  You will see the website, the code, the customer support scripts, email scripts, budgets... everything!  I will even show you how to source products, write ad copy for your product, and create product descriptions that convert!


We will be working together to develop YOUR COMPANY.  We will be live every single day, working to help your company grow and thrive, building a long-term sustainable brand.  All you have to do is show up ready to implement what is being taught to you.  It's that simple.


Now you know why not everyone is doing it, but why aren't you doing it?


You obviously have thought about dropshipping or you wouldn't have read this far.  You even have a vision in your head of what success would look like to you.  It's possible that you see that car in your driveway or the house of your dreams.  You could be boarding an airplane on the trip of a lifetime!  Maybe you see a backyard filled with your children or grandchildren laughing and playing on a beautiful summer day, while you sit and soak in the sun.


You see your dreams, why aren't you going after them?  Do you lack the information necessary to succeed?  How about the skills required to create a website?  Maybe you have never sold anything before?  It is possible you don't know where to begin?


This is exactly why you need to sign up for this challenge.  You will be given the blueprint for achieving your dreams through dropshipping.  Whatever success looks like to you, this challenge will help you achieve it.  We will work together from the beginning to help pick out a name, build a website, find products that are selling right now, advertising to the right people, and send out the products to your customers.  Even if you have zero experience, by the end of this 14 day challenge you will have all the information you need to run your own dropshipping business profitably!

Who isn't a good fit for this challenge?

  • You find yourself making excuses for why you can't achieve your dreams
  • You won't make the time to implement what you learn
  • You are okay making other people rich
  • You just want to put in your hours and come home and watch T.V.

Who needs to be doing this challenge?

  • Create a company branded website
  • Find products that sell
  • Market like a pro
  • Create a loyal customer base
  • Sell

The 14 Day E-Commerce Challenge to

Building Your Dropshipping Empire

This is a one-of-a-kind challenge that gives you every bit of information on how I built a profitable company and the program you need to follow to build one, too!


During this challenge you will be given exclusive access to our private Facebook group.  Inside this group, we will have daily a training and actionable steps you need to take to build your company from the ground floor.


You will have exclusive access to training that is not available anywhere else!  A complete, repeatable, guide on how to create a company from scratch!


Here is a Small Taste of What You'll Learn Over the Next 14 Days!


  • Developing and designing high converting product pages and web pages to help drive sales while you sleep
  • Taking the guess work out of product research and finding winning products nearly effortlessly
  • Writing product descriptions that go beyond just showcasing features
  • Finding the right audience, with the right message to sell more with less effort
  • Leveraging other advertisers money to increase your sales


When You Are Done With This Challenge You Will Be Able To:


  • Create a company branded website
  • Find products that sell
  • Market like a pro
  • Create a loyal customer base
  • Sell

My Promise…

You get complete transparency.  I will hide nothing from you.  Winning products, losing products, successes, failures, mistakes, pitfalls, problems... you will hear it all!  Every day I will go live and give you everything I have.  I will keep you on track, I will make this 14 day period the most informative I can.  If you ask a question, I will do my best to answer it quickly and thoroughly.  My only request is that all questions be asked in our group during the 14 day challenge.  If you aren't sure, someone else is likely unsure too!  We can all benefit from having this information.


I can't guarantee results.  I can only guarantee that I will give you all the information you need to be successful.  It is your job to learn it and implement it to make your dreams a reality.


This is YOUR Moment, but You Have to Make a Choice:


You can close out this page, wake up in the morning, get dressed, drive to your job, collect your paycheck, and just wonder “what if”...




You can make the decision to sign up and invest in your dreams!  To take action and become the best version of yourself you could ever be!


All you have to do is click the button below!  

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